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Sphene View presents an exquisite and meticulously designed family tree chart of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). It aims to stimulate one's thoughts and give insight into the origins of Islam along with brief references to the Qur'an. The family tree poster can be displayed in the modern or traditional home, as well as in public and work places. It is the ideal gift for any occasion.

Sphene View also presents beautiful verses from the Qur'an and traditional proverbs from pious books that aim to inspire wisdom, enrich your positive outlook and encourage reflection.

In addition, Sphene View gives you access to philosophical quotes and poignant poetry that aims to elevate one's consciousness to another dimension.


Wherever you turn your gaze, see the face of God

God shines down on him from every star in the sky

God looks up at him from every flower in the field

God smiles at him in every fair face

God speaks to him in every sweet sound

All around him there is God, nothing but God

Edward Fitzgerald
Omar Khayyam