Family Tree of Aadam and Hawa

Family Tree of Aadam and Hawa

Dimension: 841 x 594 mm (A1)

Material: vinyl PVC

At a glance the chart illustrates the heritage of the Prophets. It takes the reader on a journey to discover the descendants of Prophet Aadam and the ancestors of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). The reader can virtually immerse themselves in the Timeline and experience the significant historical events which spans over 4000 years.

This item is unique, comprehensive and serves many purposes as listed below:

  1. A learning resource for educational establishments.

  2. To stimulate debate in the field of academia amongst scholars and philosophers.

  3. To use as a quick reference guide to supplement pious books.

  4. To display as an informative chart at community centres, places of worship, and in the home.

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